SEK in its course so far counts a number of achievements-proposals, among which are the following:


The electronic interconnection of the slaughterhouses (web portal “Artemis”). Its structure is an initiative of the SEK. Its goal is to monitor the meat and milk market, to determine the national production and to protect it from “Hellenizations”.


The Small Improvement Plans were an innovative action, a proposal of SEK, which with very fast procedures, led to the modernization of the sheep and goat farms by strengthening the introduction of mechanical milking and other additional investments.


Interventions for the promotion and protection of the products of the sector and especially of Feta PDO and yogurt, for the defense of the interests of the Greek producers.

Among the important interventions are:

The court decision which prohibits one of the leading dairy companies in Turkey, the company YORSAN, to use the name Feta in dairy products.

The application for cancellation against the trademark “FETA” of a Chinese company in the Chinese market, through the Law Office HUANG MEI in Beijing, which was suggested by the Greek embassy in Beijing, sending at the same time a relevant memorandum.

– In India: SEK undertook as the beneficiary of the PDO FETA Name in the conclusion of an agreement between the EU. and India, for the protection of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications, in the framework of bilateral agreements concluded by the EU. with third countries.

• The elaboration, after extensive cooperation with its members, which culminated in the National Conference on Livestock National Reconstruction and Development Plan with a focus on the comparative advantages of each sector, the needs and capabilities of the country and with the aim of emerging the industry as a driving force of the national agricultural economy.

• Participation and intervention in the formulation of national policy for the implementation of the CFP. SEK participated in all levels of public consultation, constantly intervening to shape the positions that serve and ensure the interests of the Greek breeder.


We also note the contribution of SEK to the following:

• The inclusion of woodland pastures in the community definition so that they can be included in the eligible areas.

• The revision of the coupled aid scheme for the benefit of animal husbandry.

• In the submission of substantiated proposals for the formation of a national genetic improvement framework in order to utilize the animal genetic resources of the country and the strengthening of the Genetic Improvement Centers, in order to maintain and improve the Greek breeds of endangered farm animals.

• The current interventions in the Production and Trade Committee in the Parliament for the drafting of bills related to livestock – poultry.

• The possibility of selling self-produced dairy products at street markets, in the establishment and operation of businesses, such as dairy shops and butcheries, inside or next to a property with livestock facilities, are proposals of SEK that were incorporated in the provisions of Law 4056/2012.


The work of the Hellenic Livestock Association does not stop here. It expands to a wide range of actions...






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