Further actions:

• SEK participates in institutions, collective organizations, interprofessional organizations that aim at the development of livestock products in the interest of the industry.

• Organizes workshops, conferences, seminars and other information and training events for the presentation and development of its positions, the continuous information of its members, the promotion and promotion of all issues related to the industry.

• Participates in programs and prepares studies on all agricultural policy issues.

• Supports and launches all the necessary actions for the establishment of Interprofessional Organizations in the sector with the main goal of protecting and promoting livestock products.

• Leads for the recognition of “Greek Yogurt” as a Product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) because it is the most important exportable product, after Feta, for livestock and participated for this purpose in a Working Group of the Ministry of Agriculture.

• Participates in mobilizations, claiming solutions to the problems faced by the livestock of our country.

ESPA - co-financed by Greece and the European Union